“Nick helped me finish up a long and difficult divorce, his understanding of the process and terrific legal advice helped me finally resolve many long standing issue, I wish I had used Nick from the start.” — Bryan V

“Divorce is an unfortunate and unpleasant part of life that I found myself in, Navigating the legal system and knowing what to do to protect yourself is the last thing that is on your mind. Retaining Nick Forooghi as my lawyer made a world of different during these hard times for me. His understanding of what I was going through and his kind patients with solid guidance got me through it !. Nick protected my interest when I didn’t.  I will be forever grateful for his support and guidance through my divorce. He helped me regain a new start for my children and I.  He won us a chance at something better. I would highly recommend Nick Forooghi if you are looking for what I got!”; Sincerely  — Dan S
“Nick is a fabulous and outstanding attorney. What distinguishes Nick from the rest in his field is knowledge of the law and professionalism. During one of my hearings I experienced his gift as an attorney. He was composed, honorable, ethical and did not back down in what he believed was fair. Nick is a caring, fair and an honest person who had my daughters best interest in mind at all times. With his hard work and dedication not only did he get my daughter and I what we wanted, but also the closure we required. I would not want to be in this situation ever again, but if I had to, I would seek Nick’s advice and expertise without looking any further.” –- I. N.

09_dsc_7397-edit-x3“My wife one day just filed for a divorce, up and left and moved to Canada! Our home was also in foreclosure at the same time. It was a horrible time. I was going out of my mind not knowing what to do and how to deal with it and our three kids who were a couple here and one with my wife. Nick not only helped me through the legal process of the divorce, he was great at counseling me; showing me how and where I should turn for help in dealing with all the changes and the pain I had to deal with; and somehow move on. He helped me get through a very tough time and for that I am always grateful to him.” –- R.S.


“I was involved in a car accident involving six different drivers. The whole thing was like a tangled web of who hit who first and second, and…all the different people involved and the insurance company was such a huge headache to deal with. Nick patiently worked through the case and gave me a reasonable prediction of what might be the outcome. He explained things to me every step of the way; was available when I had questions, and patiently negotiated a very fair settlement for me. I could not have hoped for better representation.” — R.T.

“When I wanted to get divorced, we had no children, but a few pieces of real estate property that caused a ton of headache in deciding how we should divide them. Nick is a fair and skilled negotiator. He is also very straight forward when it came to tell me what I could expect and when I was just asking for more than I would ever hope to legally be able to end up with. I was completely surprised when he told me how he would fight for what I had asked, but he thought we would be just wasting legal fees. He protected my interests in spite of me sometimes. It is not easy telling a man when he is wrong, but he did it and I was better for it.” — M.S.