Biography of Hatixhe Berani Grbeshi

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Hatixhe Berani Grbeshi, Disability Representative

Juris Doctor, J.D. and Mental Health Rehab Specialist, MHRS


 Ms. Grbeshi has worked in the legal field in the US, and Kosovo (Europe). She earned her Juris Doctor degree [J.D.] in San Jose, U.S. and has also obtained a law degree from Kosovo/Eastern Europe. She is also trained as a Mental Health Rehab Specialist and received her MHRS certificate from the Santa Clara Mental Health Dept. She is trained in Mediation and received Mediation certificates from the Office of Human Relations (OHR) andLoyolaMediationCenter. She is an experienced Disability Claimant’s Representative and worked at prior law offices and other well known entities as well.

Hatixhe is a dynamic, creative and a caring professional with broad international experience in the areas of law, disability, immigration, social work, human rights, and mental health counseling. At SCLG, she has established a solid network of connections with many local non-profits where she conducts case analyses, advocacy, and case management-evaluation including narcotic cases for our disability benefits clients referred by our partner network members. Her 13+ years of experience creates a sustainable support system for disabled and underprivileged populations.

Hatixhe currently works as a Disability Claimant’s Representative for Santa Clara Law Group, a Program Director for Legal Resource Information and Referral Program for collaborative between African Community Health Institute (ACHI) and Family Alliance for Counseling Tools and Resolution (FACTR) and as an ad-hoc consultant for a variety of agencies.

She came to a refugee in May, 1999 with her husband and her two children.

Her difficult experiences with war and as a refugee allows her a unique perspective in dealing with the disabled, the underprivileged or the refugees. At some point during the war in Kosovo she became homeless and was expelled to Macedonia. Due to the war she lost everything she had in Kosovo and even her house was burned down during the war in Kosovo. She became a refugee in Macedonia and was later sponsored to come to the U.S. Her experiences that she encountered in the U.S. compelled her to work hard to pursue her education in Law again in the US and help others similarly situated. She got her second law degree, now in the U.S. and is planning to pass the CA Bar exam.

She has interdisciplinary experience; and among many here are a select few mentioned: she has worked at Gardner Family Care Corporation (G.F.C.C), Superior Drug Treatment Court, Catholic Charities, Resources for Families and Communities, Asian Americans for Community Involvement, (AACI), Eastern European Service Agency (EESA), Resources for Families and Communities (RFC); International Rescue Committee (IRC); Internship at The Public Defenders Office; Paid Judicial Intern at  Family Court, Hall of Justice-Criminal Court for Honorable Judge Chatman; and volunteered for Hastings College of Law. She was a consultant and collaborated with the Stanford team and Gender Training and Research Center (GTRC) from Kosovo, Victor Pineda Foundation inBerkeleyre the advocacy for disabled individuals,InternationalElectronicVirtualHospital-AZ, Little People of Kosovo re the advocacy for disabled individuals. She also has an extensive collaboration with many organizations and entities and constituents of the entities above, and she worked with a diverse population for over 13 years.

She is fluent in: Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, English and Serbian.

Hatixhe has cumulatively 13 years of experience in helping and advocating for disabled individuals by using her personal experience, interdisciplinary experience, law, international, health, and advocacy.

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