Social Security Disability

Experienced and Effective Representation “On Your Side”. At Santa Clara Law Group we also represent claimants in Social Security Disability Cases and select SSI benefits cases.

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We Know How Important Social Security is to You

Our law firm has also focused on representation of claimants in Social Security disability cases since we have found this to be a much needed area of legal services which is more and more in demand in our communities and this demand is on the rise every day.

We have been representing members of our communities in Family Law (Divorce), Immigration, and Personal Injury cases. Over time, we have come to understand that a fair number of our clients, or close loved ones, friends, or relatives, could also use and would benefit from additional services provided in representing them in Social Security Disability benefits cases.

Whether you ask us to represent you from the start of your application for benefits, or come to us when your Social Security Disability benefits have been denied, or discontinued, we know how to help you navigate this process, which can prove difficult when you try to manage it on your own.

Our SSA benefits and Disability Representatve is Ms. Hatixhe Berani Grbeshi [click here for a biography of Ms. Grbeshi] Ms. Grbeshi, holds a Juris Doctor degree [J.D.] and is a Mental Health Rehab Specialist, MHRS; a most experienced an valuable advocate for you. Ms. Grbeshi works with supervision of attorney Nick F. Forooghi and together they provide you with the support and assist you in pursuing your SSA Disability application.

Our Process and Representatives

When you contact our law firm about a possible Disability case, our representative will ask you many relevant questions, and prepare assessment forms usually in an in person interview. Ms. Grbeshi, who will meet and interview you, is uniquely experienced and well trained as an “advocate” and “representative” in SSDI disability and non-profit services, as well as many other areas. Our representative’s past work experience includes working for non-profit organizations who assist the disadvantaged, disabled, refugees, immigrant communities and other similar groups who have a dire need for many types of assistance from private charities and government sources as well. In our practice, she focuses on assisting our attorneys with immigration and disability cases.

At Santa Clara Law Group, our clients come first. Every client is treated with courtesy and is provided effective personal representation. Our expertise and integrity have earned us a reputation among our clients and colleagues as a trusted legal firm.

At Santa Clara Law Group we believe the quantity of our cases and number of clients is not ever as important as the quality of the service we provide to each and every client. We have not forgotten how to serve individual clients based on their unique needs; we represent our neighbors, our community and people we meet or run into everyday.

For Social Security Disability Cases, and Immigration, please contact our SSDI Representative Ms. Hatixhe Grbeshi at, or at (408) 455-3907, or call our main office phone number at (408) 453-3500.
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