Motorcycle Accident

90% of Bike Riders Never Knew What Hit Them

bike_410No, we’re not talking about the collision. An army of insurance people, doctors, and others swoop in to “help” you. Each one you talk to limits your ability to recover for the injuries you suffered. That’s their job: to give you as little as possible, to limit your options, and close the case.

You are not equipped to deal with them. You don’t know what you are giving up.

The minute you were hurt, your future changed. You didn’t realize it.

Should you do anything about it, now? Or just accept your future?

Doing nothing brings consequences. It’s not risk free. Some victims just assume that their insurance company has their back. They don’t realize until years later, that by doing nothing, they forfeited their rights to the treatment and the compensation they needed. They didn’t get what they once deserved. Too late for them.

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Your future starts to improve the minute we talk about what happened to you. That first phone consultation with us is free of charge.

Don’t try to guess how large or small your case is.

Your insurance company will convince you that it’s small. Instead, let us evaluate your case and give you our advice, from our experience with many cases.

Each case and client is important to us. Whether you call us with a minor scrape or serious damage to your person, we listen carefully. We treat you with personal respect. We return your calls, and we talk straight and honest with you.

The insurance company was such a huge headache to deal with. Nick patiently worked through the case and gave me a reasonable prediction of what might be the outcome. He explained things to me every step of the way; was available when I had questions, and patiently negotiated a very fair settlement for me. I could not have hoped for better representation.R.T.

We handle motorcycle accident personal injury claims involving:

  • Accidents caused by drunk driving, reckless driving or aggressive driving
  • Low-sides and high-sides
  • Collisions, including rear-end, frontal, sideswipe or “t-bone” collisions.
  • Motor vehicle-pedestrian accidents
  • Vehicle-bicycle accidents
  • Motorcycle-semi truck accidents

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