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If you have suffered a personal injury in an accident of any kind, you may be entitled to compensation. Auto accidents, and other types of personal injury occur to thousands of people every week. They range from neck whiplash, back injuries, broken bones and head injuries, or possibly even loss of life. Call Us At (408) 453-3500 for immediate assistance.

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Our Accident and Injury Lawyers Are Here To Help You. We protect the rights of injured people and their families in San Jose, South Bay, Silicon Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Educate Yourself; Let Us Inform You!
  • Evaluate Your Case, and Protect Your Rights!
  • Have you had a car accident?
  • Motorcycle accident, other accident or injury?
  • Have you lost a loved one to a possible Medical-Malpractice?
  • Or a Wrongful Death?

Do Not Call the Insurance Companies—Call Us First. Insurance companies are NOT your friend. Consultation with us is Free of Charge.

We are here to help you not just in San Jose, but in all of the Greater Bay Area cities and communities; with competence, honesty, aggressive and fearless representation against insurance companies and armies of their attorneys who are paid very well to do their absolute best to pay you less for your injuries. With our personal injury attorneys on your side, you will have nothing to fear–

There are many personal injury and San Jose and San Francisco attorneys you could choose to represent your interests when you have a car accident or other personal injury.

Why should you call us?

  • Insurance companies know we mean business; if we do not negotiate a fair settlement of your claim, we are not afraid of taking your injury claim to court and trial.
  • We provide you with straight forward and honest assessment of your case. We do not agree to represent you unless we believe we can help you. Many factors must be considered in accepting a case. We will consider each and every one of these and give you our honest opinion on your prospects for both settlement and possible court fight and trial.
  • Our attorneys are multi-disciplined. We handle cases in Criminal as well as our Civil courts—no stone will be left unturned, and we will not miss a thing in evaluation of your case.

If we turn down you case however, it does not mean necessarily that you do not have a claim, but that for any variety of reasons, which we will fully explain to you, our firm is not suitable for representing your claim. In such cases, we gladly point you in the right direction; educate you; empower you, and where we can refer you to alternatives.

We’re The Right Team For You

Our San Jose-San Francisco/Bay Area personal injury lawyers have the legal knowledge and experience you are looking for after you or one of your loved ones have been injured in a car accident or other type of accident leading to injury, or regretfully sometimes death.

If you need honest, knowledgeable and practical legal advice about your injury accident, assistance, and education with filing a personal injury claim or even assistance with immediate medical treatment, the Santa Clara Law Group’s personal injury lawyers in our offices in San Jose and elsewhere in the San Francisco-bay Area will help you.

Our clients come first, no matter the size of their case

We know this all too well that thankfully most auto accidents and car accidents— such as sideswipes, rear end collisions or fender benders —do not lead to fatal or disabling injuries. Although we will serve you in severe injuries, and other larger damage cases are an important part of our practice of personal injury law, we believe that every injury, big or small, needs to be taken seriously. This is why we will sit down with you, or at least speak with you on the phone free of any charge; even if all you have suffered in a whiplash, soft tissue injuries and sprains.

Day-to-day Impact

These type of injuries can also have a dramatic impact on you day-to-day job function, daily life activities, sports, playing with your children or enjoying your time with your spouse or other loved ones. Accident victims with these so-called “minor” injuries are still hurt—we take that hurt and pain seriously and help you in anyway we can. You may need medical care referrals, and resources to deal with basic issues like:

  • medical treatment
  • bills
  • lost wages and income
  • a totaled car, or car body damage that needs repair
  • help and assistance with your insurance claims
  • other concerns we can help you with

Don’t try to guess how large or small your case is

Let us evaluate your case and tell you what we think. Call us and get advice. Each case and client is important to us. Whether you call us with a fender-bender or serious damage to your person, we listen carefully. We treat you with personal respect and do not undermine your claim of being in pain. We communicate with you, call you back when you call, and we talk straight and honest with you. Our treatment of your personal injury claim is very “personal”

Don’t be Fooled

When you, one of your loved ones or a friend, have been a victim of an accident, injured or worse, your legal rights are important. Avoid the following pitfalls of people seeking lawyers:

  • Do not do anything which could adversely affect your claim of personal injury and your right to recover and be compensated.
  • Do not give oral or written statements, do not allow recording of your conversation with insurance people on the phone or elsewhere.
  • Do not sign any documents before consulting an attorney.
  • Do not authorize permissions that give insurance companies of the person at fault access to your medical records.