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Our San Jose family law attorney knows that if you dealing with child support issues, you are stressed, and, likely, frustrated.  We will compassionately and aggressively further your child support case, answer your questions, and help you to attain peace of mind.

Child support

Child support refers to financial payments from one parent to another to ensure that children have financial support until they attain age 18, get married, become emancipated, or die.  A special needs child may require support longer, even through adulthood.

How we can help

We will negotiate with the other parent or work through the court on your behalf to pursue your child’s best interests.

  • Legal division of propertyEstablish or deny paternity, if necessary
  • Obtain child support
  • Prepare a defense to a modification of child support
  • Initiate and pursue modification of child support for changed circumstance
  • Enforce child support provisions

Our San Jose family lawyers are committed to helping you resolve your child support issues while being on your side, pursuing your best interests, and helping you to achieve peace of mind.

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