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Mother and Son waiting to crossing the RoadWhere family law matters are concerned, emotions can run high. When you hire our attorneys, it is our job when representing you to bring things under control and provide cool, sober, and objective advice that is still thoughtful and caring. We are your advocate and champion, negotiating for you when called for and aggressively fighting for you when we should. A good divorce attorney must know when to do either; compromise, or fight.

Depending on particular needs of your case, we offer a range of approaches and strategies to consider in each case. When parties are co-operative and willing to negotiate in good faith, we can offer you uncontested/collaborative/mediation services, which can be the fastest and least costly road to finality in any divorce situation. However, when one party or both are unable to avoid a fight, and take adversarial stance against each other, we will zealously represent your case until final resolution.

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We believe it is our job to make certain you know your rights as well as your obligation. Educating our clients is the first step here, because if you know what you are–or are not– entitled to under the law, then you will be armed with the knowledge and a good understanding of what you can ask for in your divorce, as well as the bottom lines on what you wish to see as the ending results in your case.

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