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Is Divorce Mediation For You?

Nick F. Forooghi, Attorney & Mediator

A mediated settlement is a good way to end any dispute.
But it makes absolutely more sense in “Divorce” cases. Why?
Because…Divorce litigation (Fighting in Court!) can be emotionally exhausting and get very expensive fast; wasting much of your marital assets–the more you own, the higher your “net worth”, the higher the cost of fighting in court. We know; we litigate too! Not all cases are suitable for mediation.
However, “mediation” is by far more cost effective, and less painful emotionally than fighting in court.
Divorce is hard enough — end your marriage peacefully.

Fighting over your divorce terms can leave you bitter, unhappy, and worst of all financially devastated. Soften the emotional trauma and lower the cost by mediating your separation. Mediation means there is one well-informed professional who does not take a side, and helps both spouses learn about the divorce process and try and negotiate an agreement they both can live with. A mediator is “neutral” and can advise and answer questions you both might have.

We can craft a peaceful mediated solution for every type of marriage — whether a 6 months or 16 years long marriage — wealthy, poor, or middle class. You owe it to yourself, your spouse, and if you have children, especially to them, to seek a less painful, much less costly, and more humane way to end your marriage. The required tools and solution needed for each case might be different, and after a careful review, we can design a plan that fits the profile of your case. For example, type of assets, and value of each asset or the collective marital estate, may call for a professional accounting (forensic accounting), which we can help recruit for your case. Conversely, you might have a relatively short marriage which has few assets or debts and can be handled with a modest and focused legal plan for unwinding your marital relationship. We take pride in paying personal attention; we listen to you, ask the right questions, and then inform you about what we think you need for your specific case.

Please also know, we have, and still do litigate some family law matters in court. That means I represent people who have to fight in court for their divorce action. Mediation is not for every couple. In some cases going to court is inevitable. For example, if you are in a marriage that involves abusive physical or mental behavior, you really do not have much of a choice, but you may at least start by walking out the door and fighting for your dignity and personal rights. Or, you, or your spouse, might be in such bitter state of mind and emotions that do not allow you to act objectively. Honestly, even then, it is best to put things to bed as soon as possible; seek therapy or other available help as called for. Your overall purpose will not change and you should focus on ending a bad or failed relationship and just moving on with life; have a fresh start. But, in most common cases of divorce, it is worth a try to mediate and peacefully end your marriage.

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